Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions:


First off all make sure that you installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) if not you can download it here!

If you continue to get an disconnect or an error when trying to login, its likely that your Antivirus has removed/quaratined the filterCheck.dll file. Check you Antivirus and restore the file (filterCheck.dll included in filterCheck.rar) then add the EpicOnline directory in the exceptions list of your Antivirus to prevent further issues. Some Antivirus programs pick it up as a false positive because it gets the HardwareID of your machine and it is heavily encrypted to prevent abuse/modification. If you have any Virtual Machine software installed on your system such as VMware, Oracle or Virtual box the client may block your connection. You will need to either fully disable or remove the programs to play on Titan.


If your update will generate an error code after updating please check if there is an replace.exe in your Epic Online Folder! If not you can download it here!


No you have to use the original Epic Online Reloaded Client! You can Download it here!

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline: 3757 / 1000
  • Cap: 100
  • EXP: x70
  • Party Exp: x72
  • Gold: x1
  • Drop: x4
  • Max DG: 10 SUN
  • CTF: enabled
  • Battle Arena: enabled
  • HWID Limit: 3


  • Servertime: 13:55:14
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Sunday 08:00 - 19:00
  • Battle Arena:
  • Job Cave Uniques:
  • Medusa:


Last 10 Unique Kills

  • test90 has killed Lord Yarkan
    923 days ago
  • test90 has killed Lord Yarkan
    923 days ago